Fabric manufacture, Structure and Properties

Principles of Winding Processes;
Classification of Winding Methods;
Patterning Mechanism;
Yarn Clearers and Yarn Tensioners;
Different Systems of Yarn Splicing;
Warping Objectives and Classification;
Different Types of Warping Creels;
Features of Beam and Sectional Warping Machines;
Different Sizing Systems;
Sizing of Spun and Filament Yarns;
Drawing-in Process;
Principles of Pirn Winding.
Primary and Secondary Motions of Loom;
Shedding Motion;
Positive and Negative Shedding Mechanisms;
Type of Sheds;
Tappet, Dobby and Jacquard Shedding;
Weft Insertion;
Mechanics of Weft Insertion with Shuttle;
Shuttle picking and checking;
Kinematics of sley;
Loom timing diagram;
Cam designing;
Effect of sley setting and cam profile on fabric formation;
Take-up and Letoff motions;
Warp and weft stop motions;
Warp protection;
Weft replenishment;
Principles of weft
insertion systems of shuttle-less weaving machines such as projectile, rapier, water-jet and air-jet;
Principles of functioning of multiphase and circular looms;
Types of selvedges.
Basic woven fabric constructions and their derivatives;
Crepe, cord, terry, gauze, leno and double
cloth constructions;
Drawing and lifting plans.
Fundamentals of weft knitting;
Classification of weft knitting technologies;
Weft knitted constructions
such as plain, rib, interlock and purl;
Different knit stitches such as loop, tuck and float.
Principle of warp knitting; Classification of warp knitting technologies;
Swinging and shogging motion of guide bar;
Basic warp knit construction such as pillar, tricot, atlas, inlay and nets.
Fibre preparation processes for nonwovens;
Web formation and bonding processes;
Spun-bonding and melt-blowing technologies;
Applications of nonwoven fabrics.
Principles of braiding;
Type of braids;
Maypole braiding technology.
Peirce’s equations for plain woven fabric geometry;
Elastic a model of plain-woven fabric;
cover and maximum set of woven fabrics;
Geometry of plain weft knitted loop;
Munden’s constants and tightness factor for plain weft knitted fabrics;
Geometry of tubular braids.