Fibre Structure-Property Correlation

Fibre structure plays an important role in the fabric and yarn property as many fibre properties are described below which gives impact-

  • Cover-The ability to occupy space for protection,reasons of cover are crimp,twist and cross sectional shape of fibre.It gives warmth in fabric.
  • Cohesiveness-The ability of fibre to cling together during spinning.Cohesiveness may come due to crimp or twist.It gives resistance to ravel in fabric.
  • Abrasion resistance-The ability of a fibre to withstand the rubbing or abrasion it gets in every is due to tough outer layer,scales,fibre toughness and flexible molecular chains.It gives fabric durability,abrasion resistance and resistance to splitting
  • Absorbency,Moisture regain-Moisture in fibre is due to hydroxyl group and amorphous areas.This gives comfort,warmth,water repellency,absorbency,dyeability and wrinkle resistance to fabric.
  • Elastic recovery-The ability of fibres to recover from strain.The reasons of the elastic recovery are cross linkage,molecular structure,side chains and strong bonds.It gives processability and resiliency to the fabric.
  • Elasticity-The ability of stretched material to return on its original size,it is due to molecular structure and it gives delayed elasticity to fabric.
  • Electeric conductivity-.It is ability to transfer electric is due to polar groups and chemical structure of the fibre.
  • Lusture-It is the light reflected from a surface.It is due to fibre smoothness,fibre length,flat gives lusture and shine to the fabric.

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