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GATE (TF) Textile Mtech Admission

1. IIT Delhi (MTech – Textile Admission)

Students who have qualified GATE (TF) Textiles can take admission in in IIT Delhi in various textile related course as mentioned below:
IIT Delhi Textile Department contact details:
Email : hodtextile@admin.iit.ac.in
Phone No : 26591401
IIT Delhi PG Admission Information Brochure

A. MTech (Textile Engineering – TTE)

Course Content: Design and analysis of yarn and fabric formation systems: rotor spinning, ring spinning, air jet spinning, friction spinning, weaving, knitting, nonwovens, braiding etc. ; Structural mechanics of textiles; High stress elastic materials; Apparels and garments; comfort; handle and other functional aspects of fibrous assemblies; Design and development of technical textiles: geo- textile, filter fabrics, medical textiles, protective textiles, textile composites etc.; Systems analysis; Textile production and marketing: operation management and supply chain managements; Textile production and marketing: operation management and supply chain managements; Textile Instrumentation and machine development; Modeling and simulation of textile processes and products; Quality management.

B. MTech (Textile Chemical Processing – TTC)

Course Content: Textile chemical processing; preparatory processes; dyeing, printing and finishing, Surface functionalization by plasma and UV excimer lamp; Micro and nano- encapsulation; Conducting textiles; Natural dyes; Bio-active textiles; Textile ecology and environment.

C. MTech (Fibre Science & Technology – TTF)

Course Content: Synthesis and characterization of advance of advanced polymeric materials; Fibre formation processes; Modeling and simulation; Structure-property correlation; Functional and responsive polymers; Smart & intelligent textiles; Modification of natural and synthetic fibres; Nanotechnology in textiles: nonfibres by electrospinning, nanomaterials; Synthesis and application in textiles; Coated textiles; Polymer nanocomposites; Green Composites; Medical textiles, Tissue engineering; Sustainability and polymer & fibre recycling; 3D Bioprinting; Wearable electronics: Conducting fibres, piezoelectric materials, Supercapacitors, batteries etc.

D. MTech (Polymer Science and Technology – MSP)

Course Content: Synthesis of polymers, structure-property correlation in polymers, rheology and processing of polymers, functional and smart elastomeric materials, polymer matrix composites, tribology and mechanical behaviour of polymers, 3D printing of functional elastomeric/polymeric materials, membranes for various applications, antifouling and antibiofouling materials and membranes, redox polymers, materials for energy storage, separation and purification, organic- inorganic hybrid materials, catalytic materials and nanomaterials for catalysis and environmental applications, 2D materials, graphene, Covalent organic frameworks, biodegradable materials and biomaterials, organically modified mesoporous silica nanoparticles, surface engineering using controlled radical polymerization techniques, recycling of materials, 3D printing.

IIT Delhi GATE Admission Cut Off Rank List for Year 2021-22

MTech Programme Course CodeGATE Paper Code / BTech Discipline GENEWSOBCSCSTPH
Textile EngineeringTTE(TF) BE / BTech690690621460460460
Fibre Science and Technology TTF(TF) BE / BTech 650650585433433433
Textile Chemical prepossessing TTC(TF) BE / BTech 650650585433433433
Polymer Science and Technology MSP(TF) BE / BTech (Textile Chemistry, Fibre Science and Technology, Textile Technology)600600600480480480

IIT Delhi, offers admission in other MTech streams for Textile Students but GATE qualifying paper is GATE (ME). The Textile Engineers who have done BTech/ BE in Textiles and qualified GATE (ME) are eligible to take admission in following courses:

MTech Programme Course CodeGATE Paper Code BTech Disciplines
Mechanical DesignMEMGATE (ME)Many engineering branches / streams including Textile Engineering /Technology
Industrial EngineeringMEEGATE (ME)Many engineering branches / streams including Textile Engineering /Technology
Production EngineeringMEPGATE (ME)Many engineering branches / streams including Textile Engineering /Technology

2. IIT Kharagpur

Rubber Technology Centre in IIT Kharagpur, offers admission in MTech (Rubber Technology) to textile engineers who have qualified GATE Textile (TF).
IIT Kharagpur Admission Contact Details
Email : jmp@adm.iitkgp.ac.in
Phone : +91 – 03222 – 282091 – 95
IIT Kharagpur PG Admission Portal

A. MTech (Rubber Technology – RT)

Course Content: Students are taught various aspects of rubber technology i.e. basic rubber science, industrial rubbers, compounding, testing, rheology and processing, rubber products and manufacturing technology, component production and design, latex, tyre technology, adhesion science and technology, engineering design and characterization. In addition to the above-mentioned subjects, the students are allowed to opt for the subjects offered by other departments, i.e. computer software, management, chemical engineering and engineering drawing. The project work is carried out in different rubber and allied industries as well as in several R and D sectors in this country.

MTech Programme
(Rubber Technology)
Course CodeGATE Paper Code / BTech Discipline GENEWSOBCSCST
2021RT(TF) BE / BTech593350435231277
2020RT(TF) BE / BTech 514417358
2019RT(TF) BE / BTech 504412398325

IIT Kharagpur 2021 Admission Cut off list
IIT Kharagpur 2020 Admission Cut off list
IT Kharagpur 2019 Admission Cut off list

3. IIT Bombay (MTech – Interdisciplinary Programme)

IIT Bombay MTech Admission Portal
IIT Bombay Admission Information Brochure

A. MTech (Education Technology – ET)

MTech (Education Technology) is interdisciplinary programme in IIT Bombay.
You can know more about this course through ET office via email: office.et@iitb.ac.in , or phone: +91-22-2576 4820.
MTech Education Technology Course Details
MTech Education Technology Course Structure

B. MTech (IOER : Industrial Engineering and Operations Research – IO)

IOER is established as one of the first interdisciplinary programmes in IIT Bombay, IEOR offers research based M.Tech., Ph.D. and M.Sc.-Ph.D. dual degree programmes, and is actively involved in research (including sponsored projects), consulting and continuing education. The discipline offers a blend of theory, modelling and application, drawing from traditional as well as modern areas of operations research, together with a systems view derived from long-standing principles of industrial engineering.
MTech IOER Admission Page
MTech IOER Course Details

C. MTech (Technology and Development – TD)

MTech in Technology and Development course offered by Centre of Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA). The Centre of Technology Alternatives for Rural Areas (CTARA) is an independent centre at IIT Bombay started in 1985 with the purpose to sensitize technical professionals to the problems of rural India. CTARA has an MTech and PhD programme in ‘Technology and Development’ since 2007.
CTARA Website Homepage
CTARA Information Brochure

You can also check the GATE cutoff for IIT Bombay admission in previous years.
IIT Bombay Admission GATE cutoffs

4. IIT Guwahati
A. MTech (Rural Technology)

This course is offered by School of Rural and Agro Technology. School of Agro and Rural Technology (SART) was renamed from Centre for Rural Technology in the year 2021. School of Agro and Rural Technology at IIT Guwahati was established newly in the year 2016 to promote multidisciplinary activities. Centre will impart teaching, to conduct research and to provide consultancy in various facets of rural sectors with special emphasis on training and research needs of the Indian rural sector and contributing to International research in Appropriate Technology for rural community. The centre in close collaboration with NGO, voluntary organizations, R&D institutes, Government programs/ schemes will provide facilities to innovators/ engineers to contribute meaningfully to the nation to answer the issues like poverty, under developed economy, unemployment, of the rural sector and the challenges imposed by resource constraints.
MTech Rural Technology Course Details

5. IIT Dhanbad (ISM)

IIT Dhanbad MTech Admission Information Brochure

A. MTech (Industrial Engineering and Management – MS)

There are total 40 seats for MTech (Industrial Engineering and Management) in IIT Guwahati (UR-16, EWS-4, OBC-11, SC-6, ST-3). This course is offered by Department of Management Studies. The Department of Industrial Engineering and Management was established in 1977 offering M. Tech programme in Industrial Engineering and Management (IE&M). Having run the M. Tech. programme in IE&M for two full decades, the department gained requisite experience as well as expertise for running the MBA program.
You can contact the department using the below details:
Email : admission_ms@iitism.ac.in
Phone No : 03262235278
IEM MTech Course Details

6. IIT Bhilai

IIT Bhilai is an institute of national importance declared as such under the Institutes of Technology (Amendment) Act 2016 to provide for education and research in various branches of engineering, technology, science, and arts. The main focus of IIT Bhilai is to prepare young individuals to become professional leaders of tomorrow by imparting cutting-edge technical skills and knowledge, so that they can take on the real-life challenges in the future with confidence and maturity.

A. MTech (Data Science and Artificial Intelligence)

IIT Bhilai offers MTech in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence which has focus areas
AI & Machine Learning: Pattern Recognition, Deep Learning.
Data analytics: Computer vision, Analysis of multimedia data such as audio, image and video. Analysis of remote sensing data, Multimedia forensics
Social & complex network analysis: Information diffusion, fake news detection, community detection.
You can contact IIT Bhilai for admissions through details given below:
Email: academics@iitbhilai.ac.in
Phone: +91-771-2973624

7. IISc Banglore

IISc offers many course thorough GATE Textile (TF) score, as described below:

IISc MTech Admission Portal

A. MTech (Bioengineering – BE)

MTech Bioengineering course is offered by Cenre for Biosystem Science and Engineering. The Centre for BioSystems Science and Engineering (BSSE) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) was founded on June 4th, 2015, to promote the application of physicochemical principles to understand and then manipulate biological entities. The Centre was born out of an informal gathering of faculty at IISc who were pursuing research in Bioengineering.
You can contact the department from the details given below:
Email: office.bsse@iisc.ac.in
Phone: +91 80 2293 2624
MTech Bioengineering Course Details

B. MTech (Smart Manufacturing – SM)

Started in 2019, the Master of Technology (MTech) programme is a two-year full-time graduate programme that aims to impart education in smart manufacturing and development of new manufacturing systems that are innovative and competitive. MTech Smart Manufacturing course is offered by Centre for Product Design and Manufacturing.
You can contact the department using below details:
Email: office.cpdm@iisc.ac.in
Phone: 080 – 2293 2359

C. M. Mgt. (Master of Management)

The Department of Management Studies at IISc offers the Master of Management program to give exposure and training in Management and Business Analytics. Please visit the Department of Management Studies website for details of the curriculum.
Master of Management Course Details

Marketing Management Department Details

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