GATE (TF) Textile 2003 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2003/TF/74

A plain woven cotton fabric is made from 30s Ne warp and 35s Ne weft yarns. In the processed fabric, there are 35 ends and 30 picks per cm and 6.5% warp and 13% weft crimp. Take cotton fibre density as 1.52

Question 74 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

Weight of the fabric in GSM will be approximately

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Option D is correct.

Warp count=30s Ne

Weft count=35s Ne



Warp crimp=6.5%

Weft crimp=13%

Cotton fibre density=1.52 gm/cm3

Fabric GSM=?

Fabric weight=warp weight+weft weight

Warp weight=\frac{Ends}{meter}\times\frac{0.59}{warp count(Ne)} \times (1+\frac{warp crimp}{100})

Warp weight=3500\times\frac{0.59}{30} \times (1+\frac{6.5}{100})

Warp weight=3500\times 0.0197 \times (1+0.065)

Warp weight=3500\times 0.0197 \times 1.065

Warp weight=73.5 g/m2


Weft weight=\frac{Picks}{meter}\times\frac{0.59}{weft count} \times (1+\frac{weft crimp}{100})

Weft weight=2000\times\frac{0.59}{35} \times (1+\frac{13}{100})

Weft weight=2000\times 0.017 \times (1+0.13)

Weft weight=2000\times 0.017 \times 1.13

Weft weight=38.42 gm/m2

Fabric weight=warp weight+weft weight

Fabric weight=73.5+38.42

Fabric weight=111.92

Fabric weight=112 g/m2

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