GATE (TF) Textile 2003 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2003/TF/75

Question 75 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

Percentage cover will be about

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Warp count=30s Ne

Weft count=35s Ne

Ends per cm=35
Picks per cm=30
Warp crimp=6.5%

Weft crimp=13%

Cotton fibre density=1.52 gm/cm3

Percentage cover of the fabric=?


Where d is the dia and s is the thread spacing.

Coth cover =C1+C2-C1C2

Where, C1=warp cover

C2=weft cover

Warp cover =\frac{d1}{p1}

d1=warp yarn dia

d_1=\frac{1}{ 28 \times\sqrt warp count}

d_1=\frac{1}{28 \times\sqrt 30} inch

d_1=0.00652 inch

d_1=0.0166 cm


Warp cover =\frac{0.0166}{\frac{1}{35}}

Warp cover=0.0166 x 35

Warp cover(C1)=0.58


Weft cover =\frac{d2}{p2}

d2=weft yarn dia

d_2=\frac{1}{\sqrt 28 \times weft count}

d_2=\frac{1}{28 \times \sqrt 35} inch

d_2=0.00603 inch

d_2=0.0153 cm


Weft cover=\frac{0.0153}{\frac{1}{30}}

Weft cover =0.0153

Weft cover(C1)=0.54


Coth cover (C)=C1+C2-C1C2

Percentage Coth cover (C)=(0.58+0.54-0.58 x 0.54) x 100

Percentage Coth cover (C)=(1.12-0.3132) x 100

Percentage Coth cover (C)=0.8068 x 100

Percentage Coth cover (C)=80.6

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