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Consider the following data in respect of the heat exchanger of a continuous washing range in a state of dunamic equilibrium at equal mass flow rates of both the thermic fluid and water (Assume that the exchange is circulating the fluid at its maximum capacity)

Specific heat of the thermic fluid used 2500 J/KgoC
Specific heat of water being heated 4200 J/KgoC
Intel temperature of thermic fluid Outlet temperature of ther oC
Outlet temperature of thermic fluid 75 oC
Inlet temperature of water 30 oC
Outlet temperature of water 95 oC
Question 89 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The efficiency of the heat exchanger is

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Option C is correct
Heat In=Heat out

Heat of fluid=Heat of water

Efficiency of heat exchanger x specific heat of thermal fluid x temperature1=Specific heat of water x temperature2

Efficiency of heat exchanger x 2500 x (200-75)=4200 x (95-30)

Efficiency of heat exchanger x 2500 x 125=4200 x 65

Efficiency of heat exchanger=0.87

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