GATE (TF) Textile 2005 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2005/TF/39

Question 39 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

Projected area of a 45 cm diameter fabric placed on 30 cm anvil is 600 cm2. Drape coefficient for this fabric is

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Option C is correct.

Dia of fabric=45 cm

Dia of anvil(support disk)=30cm

Projected area=600 cm2

Drape coefficient(D.C.)=?

By formula-

D.C.=\frac{Area of anvil-area of shaded portion}{Area of anvil-Area of fabric}

D.C.=\frac{600}{\frac{\pi \times 30^2}{4}-\frac{\pi \times 45^2}{4}}

D.C.=\frac{600}{\frac{3.14 \times 900}{4}-\frac{3.14 \times 2025}{4}}



D.C.=0.68 (Ans)

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