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In an idealized helical yarn of 20 tex, the twist is 10 turns/cm. The surface twist angle is 32o.

Question 71 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The approximate specific volume (cc/g) of the above yarn is

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Specific volume of the yarn(V)=?

By formula-

tan \theta=\pi \times D \times TPCM

tan 32=3.14\times D \times 10

0.624=3.14\times D \times 10

D=0.0198 cm

D=0.198 MM

D=0.2 mm

D=0.02/2.54 inch

D=0.0079 inch

By formula-

D=0.99 \times \sqrt \frac{V} {840 \times Ne} inch

0.0079=0.99 \times \sqrt \frac{V} {840 \times 29.51}

\frac{0.0079}{0.99}= \sqrt \frac{V} {24788.4}

0.00798= \sqrt \frac{V} {24788.4}

Square both side-

0.00798^2=( \sqrt \frac{V} {24788.4})^2

0.00000637=\frac{V} {24788.4}

0.0000637 \times 24788.4=V

V=1.57 cm3/g (Ans)

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