GATE (TF) Textile 2006 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2006/TF/15

Question 15 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

A fabric is to be dyed in 4% shade on a continuous dyeing machine. The padding mangle of the machine is set at 80% expression. The concentration (g/l) of the dye in the padding bath should be

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Option C is correct.


Dye shade%=4%


The concentration(g/l) of the dye in the padding bath=?

Let the fabric weight=100 kg

Then, dye wt=100 x 4%

Dye weight=4 kg
=4000 gm

By formula-

Wet pick up expression=dye add on x 100/Concentration

80=wt. of size part in liquor x 100/Dry wt of fabric

80=Wt. of size part in liquor x 100/100

Wt. of size part in liquor=80 kg

As we know,

1kg =1ltr

80kg=80 ltr
By formula-

Concentratio(g/l)=Dry wt. of size /Volume of liquor in litre


Concentratio(g/l)=50 (Ans)

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