GATE (TF) Textile 2006 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2006/TF/31

Question 31 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The direct twist factor of a single 29.5 tex P/V yarn is 38.28 tpcm.tex1/2. To keep twist per unit length same, the indirect cotton twist multiplier (tpi.Ne-1/2 ) of 30 Ne cotton yarn will be approximately

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Option B is correct.

Given in the question-

Direct twist factor(T.F) of P/V single yarn=38.28 tpcm \times tex^\frac{1}{2}

Count of P/V yarn(N1)=29.5 tex

Indirect cotton twist multiplier(TM)=?

Count of yarn(N2)=30s Ne


TPCM=\frac{TF}{\sqrt count(N_1)}

TPCM=\frac{38.28}{\sqrt count(29.5)}



TPI=7.049 x 2.54


To keep twist per unit length same-

TPI=TM \times \sqrt Ne

17.90=TM \times \sqrt 30

17.90=TM \times 5.48


TM=3.27 (Ans)

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