GATE (TF) Textile 2006 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2006/TF/63

Question 63 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

If the pc=1.4, pa=1.2 and pf=1.25, then Xcm is equal to

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Option B is correct.




Then Xcm=?

B y formula-

Crystallinity( Xcm)=\frac{\rho_c}{\rho_f}\times\frac{\rho_f-\rho_a}{\rho_c-\rho_a}

Crystallinity( Xcm)=\frac{1.4}{1.25}\times\frac{1.25-1.2}{1.4-1.2}

Crystallinity( Xcm)=1.12\times\frac{0.05}{0.2}

Crystallinity( Xcm)=1.12\times0.25

Crystallinity( Xcm)=0.28 (Ans)

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