GATE (TF) Textile 2007 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2007/TF/40

Question 40 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The contraction of a yarn upon twisting is 1.07. The twisted yarn count is 30 tex. If 2 dtex fibres are used to produce the yarn, the number of fibres present in yarn cross-section is

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Option A is correct.

Twist contraction=1.07

The twisted yarn count=30tex

Count of fibres=2 dtex
=0.2 tex

Let,the number of fibres present in yarn cross-section=N

Then, Untwisted count of yarn=N x 0.2

The number of fibres present in yarn cross-section=?

By formula-

Twist contraction=Untwisted length/twisted length

1.07=Twisted count/Untwisted count

1.07=30/N x 0.2

1.07 x N=30/0.2

N=30/(0.2 x 1.07)


N=140 (Ans)

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