GATE (TF) Textile 2007 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2007/TF/74

A durable press cotton fabric has 6% add-on of DMDHEU. Assume that the molecular weight of anhydro glucose unit (agu) and the reaction efficiency (%) are 162 and 100 respectively

Question 74 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The nitrogen add-on (%) is approximately

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Given in the question-

Add-on %=6%

Molecular weight of anhydro glucose unit (agu)=162

The reaction efficiency=100%

The nitrogen add-on%=?

Molecular structure of DMDHEU


Molecular weight of DMDHEU=178

Molecular weight of nitrogen=28

Nitrogen%=28 x 100/178

Nitrogen% on DMDHEU=15.73

Let the weight of fabric=100 kg

Then, weight of finish=100 x 6%

Weight of finish=6 kg

By unitary rule-

100kg fabric contain………………=15.73% nitrogen

Then, 6kg finish contain…………=15.73 x 6/100

Nitrogen add-on%=0.94 (Ans)

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