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A cotton fabric (110 GSM, 1 m wide) is to be dyed by pad-dry-bake sequence (wet expression 100%) on a machine running at 50 m/min. The volume of the padding liquor (V ; l) is kept constant by continuous replenishing

Question 83 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

If the dye bath concentration is to be kept constant at the original level Co, the concentration (g/l) of the replenishing liquor would be

(A)2.0 Co
(B)1.6 Co
(C)1.2 Co
(D)0.8 Co
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Option C is correct

Dye is being picked at a rate 1.2 times the rate when there is no tailing effect.

The concentration (g/l) of dye bath at equilibrium=?

Pick-up or initial concentration=1.2 x Feed-up concentration(concentration (g/l) of dye bath at equilibrium)

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