GATE (TF) Textile 2007 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2007/TF/85

36 Ne cotton yarn is used to produce a square fabric of 101 g/m2, having 10% yarn crimp

Question 85 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

Percentage of area covered by yarn in the fabric is approximately

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Option B is correct.

Count of yarn=36s Ne


Yarn crimp%=10%

Number of threads per cm=28

Percentage of area covered by yarn in the fabric(Cover factor)=?

Dia of the yarn(D)=\frac{1}{28 \times \sqrt Count } inch

Dia of the yarn(D)=\frac{1}{28 \times \sqrt 36}

Dia of the yarn(D)=\frac{1}{28 \times 6 }

Dia of the yarn(D)=\frac{1}{168}inch

Dia of the yarn(D)=\frac{2.54}{168}cm

Dia of the yarn(D)=0.015 cm

By formula-

Percentage Cover factor=D x 100 x X

Percentage cover factor=0.015 x 100 x 28

Percentage cover factor=42

Fractional cover factor(C1=C2)=0.42
For square fabric

Total cover factor(C)=C1+C2-C1C2

Total cover factor(C)=0.42+0.42-0.42 x 0.42

Total cover factor(C)=0.84-0.1764

Total cover factor(C)=0.6636

Total %cover factor=0.6636 x 100

Total %cover factor=66.4

Total %cover factor=65 (Ans)

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