GATE (TF) Textile 2008 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2008/TF/65

Question 65 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

When denier of a fibre is doubled, its diameter increases by

(A)0.41 times
(B)1.41 times
(C)Two times
(D)Four times
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Option B is correct.

Given in the question-

Initial denier of fibre(D1)=D

Then, final denier of fibre(D2)=2D

Its diameter increased by=?

By formual-

Dia=4.44 \times 10^-3 \sqrt  \frac{Denier}{density of fibre}


Dia is directly proportional to the square root of the denier of fibre.

Dia \alpha  \sqrt denier of fibre

\frac {d_1}{d_2}=\sqrt\frac{D_1}{D_2}

\frac {d_1}{d_2}=\sqrt\frac{D}{2D}

\frac {d_1}{d_2}=\sqrt\frac{1}{2}

\frac {d_2}{d_1}=\sqrt 2

\frac {d_2}{d_1}=1.41


Increase in fibre diameter=1.41 times (Ans)

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