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Assume that the “standard machine rate of loading” of a commercial tensile testing machine working on pendulum lever principle is 200 kgf/cm. The breaking load and extension of a sample tested at a gauge length of 20 cm is 50 kgf and 8% respectively. The velocity of the lower jaw is 0.50 cm/s.

Question 75 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The time required to break the sample in seconds is

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Option A is correct
Given in the question-

Standard machine rate of loading(\mu_o)=200 kgf/cm

Gauge length=20 cm

The breaking load(F)=50 kgf

Breaking extension=8%
i.e ,

Breaking extension=gauge length x 8%

Breaking extension(e)=20 x 8/100

Breaking extension(e)=1.6 cm

The velocity of lower jaw(v)=0.50 cm/s

Pendulum swings by=30 deg from its normal position

Time require to break the sample(t)=?

By formula-





Time(t)=3.7 sec (Ans)

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