GATE (TF) Textile 2009 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2009/TF/37

Question 37 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

A fabric having 30 tex warp and 20 tex weft with 40 ends/cm and 30 picks/cm has 10% crimp in both warp and weft yarns. The fabric weight in g/m2 will be

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Option C is correct

Given in the question-

Warp count=30 tex

Warp count(g/m)=30/1000

Weft count=20 tex

Weft count(g/m)=20/1000

Ends per cm (EPCM)=40 ends /cm


Picks per cm (PPCM)=30 picks /cm


Crimp in warp=Crimp in weft=10%

The fabric weight(gm/m2)=?


Weight of warp=\frac{gm}{meter} \times EPM \times (1+ Warp crimp percentage)

Weight of warp=\frac{30}{1000} \times 4000 \times (1+ 10 percentage)

Weight of warp=120 \times (1+ \frac{10}{100})

Weight of warp=120 \times (1+ 0.10)

Weight of warp=120 \times 1.10

Weight of warp=132 g/m2


Weight of weft=\frac{gm}{meter} \times PPM \times (1+ Weft crimp percentage)

Weight of weft=\frac{20}{1000} \times 3000 \times (1+10 percentage)

Weight of weft=\frac{20}{1000} \times 3000 \times (1+\frac{10}{100})

Weight of weft=60 \times (1+0.1)

Weight of weft=60 \times 1.1

Weight of weft=66 g/m2


Weight of fabric=Warp weight+Weft weight

Weight of fabric=132+66

Weight of fabric=198 g/m2 (Ans)

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