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Ten Thousand metre of polyester fabric is to be dyed to 2% depth of shade by continuous method. The width of the fabric is 1.5 m and mass per unit per area is 200 g/m2. Assume the specific gravity of the dye liquor to be 1.0 and a wet pickup of 80% after padding.

Question 55 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The volume of the liquor in litres used on the fabric would be

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Option B is correct

Given in the question-

Length of fabric=10000 meter

Dye depth=2%

Width of fabric=1.5 m

Mass per unit area=200 g/m2

Wet pick up=80%

Specific gravity=1.0

The volume of the liquor in litres used on the fabric would be=?

Weight of fabric=Mass per unit area x Length of fabric x Width of fabric

Weight of fabric=200 x 10000 x 1.5

Weight of fabric=3000000 gm

Weight of fabric=3000 kg

Weight of dye=3000 x 2%

=60 kg

By formula-

Wet pick-up%=Weight of dye on liquor x 100/Weight of fabric

80=Weight of dye on liquor x 100/3000

Volume of Liquor in litres=2400 (Ans)

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