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Question 60 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The CV% of 3-ply yarn produced using these single yarns will be approximately

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Given in the question-

No. of rovings=2

CVin% of each=8%


CV output%=?

By formula-

CV _doubling=\frac{CV_in}{\sqrt No. of rovings}

CV_doubling=\frac{8}{\sqrt 2}




CV_output=\sqrt (CV_doubling^2+CV_add^2)

CV_output=\sqrt (5.67^2+8^2)

CV_output=\sqrt (32.15+64)

CV_output=\sqrt (96.15)

CV_output= 9.80


3-ply yarns produced by these single yarn

i.e, No. of rovings=3

CV of ply yarn yarn=\frac{CV_ output}{\sqrt 3}

CV of ply yarn yarn=\frac{9.8}{\sqrt 3}

CV of ply yarn yarn=\frac{9.8}{1.73}

CV % of ply yarn yarn=5.66 (Ans)

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