GATE (TF) Textile 2011 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2011/TF/14

Question 14 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The thinnest Classimat fault among the following is

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What is ClassiMate in spinning?

ClassiMate is a sophisticated yarn quality measurement and control system that is used in spinning mills. It is designed to monitor and analyze various aspects of yarn quality, including yarn diameter, hairiness, and defects, in real-time during the spinning process.
The ClassiMate system uses a combination of sensors and software to collect data on yarn quality as it is being produced. The data is then analyzed and displayed in real-time, allowing operators to quickly identify and correct any issues that may arise during production.
One of the key features of the ClassiMate system is its ability to detect and classify yarn defects, such as thick and thin places, neps, and slubs. The system can automatically stop the spinning machine when a defect is detected, allowing the operator to remove the defective yarn and prevent it from being wound onto a package.
In addition to defect detection, the ClassiMate system can also provide information on other aspects of yarn quality, such as hairiness and diameter. This information can be used to optimize the spinning process and improve the overall quality and consistency of the yarn.
Overall, the ClassiMate system is an important tool for textile manufacturers who are looking to improve the quality and efficiency of their spinning operations. By providing real-time data on yarn quality, the system can help mills to reduce waste, improve product consistency, and increase profitability.

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