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Question 04 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The cross-section of spinneret used for producing hollow fibres is

(C)Annular concentric
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What is the process of hollow fibre spinning?

Hollow fiber spinning is a process used to produce hollow fibers, which are used in a variety of applications such as filtration, gas separation, and bioreactors. The process of hollow fiber spinning typically involves the following steps:

Polymer selection: A polymer is selected based on the desired properties of the final hollow fiber, such as mechanical strength, chemical resistance, and permeability.

Polymer preparation: The polymer is dissolved in a suitable solvent or mixture of solvents to form a spinning dope. The dope typically contains additives such as surfactants, viscosity modifiers, and pore-forming agents to improve the spinning process and enhance the properties of the hollow fibers.

Spinning: The spinning dope is extruded through a spinneret, which is a device that contains a set of small holes arranged in a specific pattern to form the hollow fiber shape. The extruded dope is then quenched in a coagulation bath, which contains a non-solvent for the polymer that causes it to solidify into a hollow fiber.

Post-treatment: The hollow fiber is then subjected to various post-treatment steps, such as washing, drying, and annealing, to remove residual solvents and improve the mechanical and chemical properties of the fiber.

Cutting and packaging: The hollow fiber is cut to the desired length and packaged for further use or shipment.
There are various spinning techniques used in hollow fiber spinning, including dry-jet wet spinning, phase inversion spinning, and electrospinning, each of which has its own advantages and limitations.

The choice of spinning technique depends on the specific application and the properties required for the final hollow fiber product.

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