GATE (TF) Textile 2011 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2011/TF/20

Question 20 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The property of fabric which influences drape the most is

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What is meant by shear test?

In textiles, a shear test is a mechanical test used to determine the resistance of a fabric or textile material to shearing forces. Shearing forces are forces that act parallel to the surface of the material, causing it to deform or break.

During a shear test, a rectangular sample of the fabric or material is clamped at both ends and then twisted or rotated in opposite directions, causing a shear force to be applied to the material. The amount of force required to cause the material to shear or break is measured, and this value can be used to evaluate the material’s resistance to shear stress.

The results of a shear test can provide valuable information about the strength, durability, and performance characteristics of a textile material. This information is important for product development, quality control, and performance testing in a variety of textile applications, including apparel, upholstery, and industrial fabrics.

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