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A card with a doffer of diameter 60 cm, fed with a lap of 395 ktex delivers sliver of 3.95 ktex. The draft between the doffer and the coiler calender roller is 1.4.

Question 51 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

If the doffer speed is 50 rpm, the approximate production rate of the card in kg/h would be

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Given in the question-

Doffer diameter=60 cm

Feed lap fineness=395 ktex

Delivered lap fineness=3.95 ktex

Draft between doffer and coiler calender roller=1.4

Doffer speed=50 rpm

Production rate(kg/hr)=?

Production rate=\pi \times Diameter of doffer \times Doffer speed \delivered lap fineness(gm/meter) \times draft

Production rate=3.14 \times 60 \times 10^-2 \times 50 \times 3.95 \times 1.4

Production rate=3.14 \times 60 \times 10^-2 \times 50 \times 3.95 \times 1.4

Production rate=52092.6 \times 10^-2

Production rate=520.926 gm/min

Production=\frac{520.926 \times 60}{1000}


Production=31.255 kg/hr (Ans)

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