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For a shuttle loom, the radius of crank and length of the connecting rod to the sley are 10 cm and 40 cm, respectively.

Question 53 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The ratio of sley acceleration at the front centre and back centre of the loom is

(B)– 0.60
(C)– 1.67
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Given in the question-

Radius of crank(r)=10 cm

Length of connecting rod(l)=40 cm

By formula-

Sley eccentricity(e)=\frac{Radius of crank}{Length of connecting rod}

Sley eccentricity(e)=\frac{r}{l}

Sley eccentricity(e)=\frac{10}{40}

Sley eccentricity(e)=0.25

Acceleration in front centre(a1)=r(1+e)

a1=10 x (1+0.25)

a1=10 x 1.25


Acceleration in back centre(a2)=-r(1-e)

a2=-10 x (1-0.25)

a2=-10 x 0.75



\frac{Acceleration in front centre(a1)}{Acceleration in back centre(a2)}=\frac{12.5}{-7.5}

\frac{Acceleration in front centre(a1)}{Acceleration in back centre(a2)}=-1.67 (Ans)

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