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Four percent ass on (owf) of a finish is required on a fabric having a weight of 0.60 kg/m. Consider the wet picks up as 80%, speed of the fabric as 90 m/min and density of liquor as 1.2 g/ml.

Question 54 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

Concentration (%) of the finish required in the bath is

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Given in the question-

Add-on %=4 %

fabric weight=0.60 kg/m

Wet pick-up%=80%

Speed of the fabric=90 m/min

Density of liquors=1.2 g/ml

Concentration % of the finish required in the bath=?

Firstly we have to calculate-

Fabric weight=0.60 kg/m x 90 m/min

Fabric weight=54 kg/min

Weight of finish=fabric weight x add-on

Weight of finish=54 x 4%

Weight of finish=54 x 4/100

Weight of finish=216/100

Weight of finish=2.16 kg/min


Finish consumed in kg/min=2.16


Wet pick-up=Add-on(A)/Concentration(C)

Wet pick-up=Liquor weight/Weight of fabric

0.8=Liquor weight/54

Liquor weight=0.8 x 54

Liquor weight=43.2 kg/min


Concentration%=(Weight of finish/liquor weight)x100

Concentration%=(2.16/43.2) x 100

Concentration%=0.05 x 100

Concentration%=5% (Ans)

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