GATE (TF) Textile 2012 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2012/TF/27

Question 27 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

Cleaning efficiency of the opening roller in a rotor spinning machine, having 56 mm diameter rotor, is 80%. The yarn breaks when the trash deposition within the rotor groove crosses the threshold of 1 mg/mm. If a sliver with 0.4% trash is fed at 7.5 g/min, the number of end breaks in 1 hr (to the nearest whole number) is __________________

Answer / Solution

Given in the question

Rotor diameter(D)=56mm
D=56*10-3 meter

Cleaning efficiency(\eta)=80%

Threshold limit of trash deposition=1 mg/mm

Trash in Sliver=0.4%

Sliver fed at=7.5 g/mm

The number of end breaks in 1 hr=?

Circumference of rotor=\pi \times D

Circumference of rotor=\pi \times 56 \times 10^-3

Circumference of rotor=3.14 \times 56 \times 10^-3

Circumference of rotor=175.84 \times 10^-3

Circumference of rotor=175.84 \times 10^-3 meter

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