GATE (GA) Textile 2013 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2013/GA/61

Question 61 (General Aptitude)

X and Y are two positive real numbers such that 2X+Y \leq 6 and X+2Y \leq 8. For which of the following values of (X,Y) the function f(X,Y)=3X+6Y will give maximum value ?

(A)(4/3, 10/3)
(B)(1/2, 3)
(C)(3/2. 9)
(D)(2/3, 9)
Answer / Solution

2X+Y \leq 6 and X+2Y \leq 8
Solve these equations-
We get,
y=10/3 and x=4/3
f(X,Y)=3X+6Y will give maximum value in the interval (4/3 , 10/3). (Ans)
Option A is correct.

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