GATE (GA) Textile 2013 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2013/GA/63

Question 63 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

Following table provides figures (in rupees) on annual expenditure of a firm for two years – 2010 and 2011.

Raw material52006240
Power & fuel70009450
Salary & wages900012600
Plant & machinery2000025000
Research & Development2200026400

In 2011, which of the following two categories have registered increase by same percentage?

(A)Raw material and Salary & wages
(B)Salary & wages and Advertising
(C)Power & fuel and Advertising
(D)Raw material and Research & Development

Answer / Solution

Firstly ,we will calculate the increase in percentage-
1)Raw material=Annual expenditure in 2010 x 100/Annual expenditure in 2011
Raw material=5200 x 100/6240=83.33%

2)Power and fuel=7000 x 100/9450=74.07%

2)Salary and wages=9000 x 100/12600=71.43%

3)Plant and machinery=20000 x 100/25000=80%

4)Advertising=15000 x 100/19500=76.92%

5)Research and development=22000 x 100/26500=83.01%
Here, Option D is correct.

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