GATE (TF) Textile 2013 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2013/TF/41

Question 41 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

A square plain jammed woven fabric of 0.5 mm thickness is to be produced from polyester yarns. Assuming circular yarn cross-section, the number of picks per cm in the fabric on the loom is approximately

Answer / Solution

Square plain jammed woven fabric-

Thickness(t)=0.5 mm

Assuming circular crossection

Number of picks per cm=?



Where, P is the pick spacing and D is the diameter

d1 is the warp diameter
d2 is the weft diameter
t is thickness



P=0.5 \times \frac{\sqrt3}{2}

P=0.5 \times \frac{1.73}{2}



\frac{1}{P}=2.31 per mm

\frac{1}{P}=2.31\times 10


Picks per cm(PPCM)=23 (Answer,rounded off to one integer number)

Option C is correct

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