GATE (TF) Textile 2013 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2013/TF/46

Question 46 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The principle which is cannot be used to measure hairiness of yarn is

(A)Light scattering
(B)Image analysis
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Option D

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

What is the hairiness meter in textile?

The hairiness meter is a testing instrument used in the textile industry to measure the degree of hairiness or fuzziness of textile fibers or yarns. Hairiness refers to the presence of protruding fibers or loose ends on the surface of a textile material, which can affect its appearance, feel, and performance.
The hairiness meter typically works by passing a fiber or yarn sample through a defined gap or slot, and then measuring the number of protruding fibers or loose ends that exceed a certain threshold length. The instrument may use various techniques, such as optical, mechanical, or electrical, to detect and quantify the hairiness of the sample.

Hairiness is an important parameter in textile quality control, as it can affect the performance of textile materials in various applications. Excessive hairiness can lead to problems such as increased pilling, reduced abrasion resistance, reduced dye penetration, and poor appearance of the final textile product. Therefore, hairiness testing is commonly performed during textile manufacturing to ensure that the fibers or yarns meet the required quality standards and customer specifications.
The hairiness meter provides quantitative data on the hairiness of textile fibers or yarns, which can be used for process optimization, product development, and quality assurance. The results obtained from hairiness testing can be used to evaluate the performance of different fibers or yarns, compare the effects of different processing parameters, and monitor the quality of finished textile products.

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