GATE (TF) Textile 2014 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2014/TF/13

Question 13 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

Pirn winding is an essential preparatory process for weaving on

(A)Air-jet loom
(B)Water-jet loom
(C)Rapier loom
(D)Drop-box loom
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Option D

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

What is the process of pirn winding?

Pirn winding is a process used in textile weaving to prepare pirns, which are small bobbins or quills, with yarn that is used as the weft (filling) thread during weaving. The process of pirn winding typically involves the following steps:

Yarn preparation: The yarn to be wound onto the pirn is prepared by unwinding it from a larger supply, such as a cone or spool, and passing it through a tensioning device to control the tension of the yarn during winding.
Pirn preparation: The empty pirns, which are typically made of wood, plastic, or metal, are loaded onto a pirn winding machine. Pirns are typically cylindrical in shape and have a central spindle around which the yarn is wound.
Starting the winding process: The yarn end is secured onto the pirn, typically by tying or knotting it, or by using a starting pin or disc on the pirn winding machine. The winding process is then initiated.
Pirn winding: The yarn is wound onto the pirn by rotating the pirn and winding the yarn onto the pirn’s spindle in a uniform and evenly tensioned manner. The yarn is wound in layers, with each layer closely packed to avoid gaps and ensure that the yarn is wound evenly across the pirn.
Pirn labeling: Optionally, pirns may be labeled with information such as the type of yarn, color, lot number, or other relevant details, to aid in identification and tracking during the weaving process.
Pirn removal: Once the desired amount of yarn is wound onto the pirn, the winding process is stopped, and the completed pirn is removed from the pirn winding machine.
Pirn storage: The completed pirns are typically stored in a suitable container or rack, ready to be loaded onto a shuttle or other weft insertion device for use in the weaving process.
Pirn winding is typically performed using specialized pirn winding machines, which can vary in design and complexity depending on the specific requirements of the weaving process and the type of yarn being wound. Pirn winding is a critical preparatory step in the weaving process, as it ensures that the weft yarn is properly wound onto the pirn and ready for insertion into the loom during weaving to create the fabric.

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