GATE (TF) Textile 2014 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2014/TF/36

Question 36 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

A cleaning unit in a blowroom is processing cotton 600 kg/h. The waste generated is 2%. The lint to trash ratio is 60:40. The lint (in kg) accumulated in 8 hours, accurate to one decimal place, will be …………….

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Given in the question
Cotton processing=600 kg/h

Waste generated=2%


The lint accumulation in 8 hrs=?


Waste(kg/h)=Cotton processing x waste%

Waste(kg/h)=600 x 2/100


Lint accumulation(kg/h)=Waste in kg/h x lint %

Lint accumulation(kg/h)=12 x 60/100

Lint accumulation(kg/h)=720/100

Lint accumulation(kg/h)=7.20

Lint accumulation(kg/8h)=7.20 x 8

Lint accumulation(kg/h)=56.6 (Answer)

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