GATE (TF) Textile 2014 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2014/TF/45

Question 45 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

A needle-punched nonwoven fabric has 2 mm thickness and 400 g/m2 areal density. If the fibre density is 0.9 g/cm3, the volume porosity (%) of the fabric, accurate to the nearest integer, will be …………………….

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Given in the question

Fabric thickness=2 mm=0.2 cm

Fabric Areal density=400 g/m2=4*10-2 g/cm2

Fibre density=0.9 g/cm3

Volume porosity of fabric(%)=?


Porosity(%)=[1-(Fabric density/Fibre density)]*100

Fabric density=Fabric areal density/Fabric thickness

Fabric density=4*10-2/0.2 g/cm3

Fabric density=0.2 g/cm3

Porosity(%)=[1-(Fabric density/Fibre density)]*100




Porosity(%)=77.8% (Answer)

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