GATE (TF) Textile 2015 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2015/TF/48

Question 48 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

If the spindle speed of ringframe is 15000 rpm and the traveler speed at the maximum bobbin diameter of 50 mm is 0.8% less than that of the spindle. The yarn delivery rate (m/min), to the nearest integer, will be __19__.

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Given in the question

Spindle speed=15000 rpm

Bobbin diameter(D)=50mm
D=50 x 10-3 m
Traveller speed=Spindle speed(1-0.8/100)

=15000 x 0.992

Traveller speed=14880 rpm

Delivery rate(FRD)=?


Traveller speed=Spindle speed-\frac{FRD}{\pi D}







FRD=18.840 m/min

FRD=19 m/min (Answer)

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