GATE (TF) Textile 2015 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2015/TF/53

Question 53 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

In an air-jet loom, if the weft yarn diameter is increased by 10%, keeping the linear density constant, the percent increase in the drag force would be __10__.

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Given in the question
Let, initial weft yarn diameter=d1

Then , final weft yarn diameter(d2)=d1+d1*10/100


By formula:

Drag force \alpha  weft yarn diameter

f \alpha d


\frac{f_1}{f_2}=\frac{d_1}{1.1 \timesd_1}




(\frac{f_2}{f_1}-1)\times100=(1.1-1) \times 100

(\frac{f_2}{f_1}-1)\times100=0.1\times 100


i.e., Percentage change in drag force=10 (Answer)

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