GATE (GA) Textile 2016 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2016/GA/05

Question 05 (General Aptitude)

If \left | 9y-6 \right |=3, then \left | y^2-\frac{4y}{3} \right | is __

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\left | 9y-6 \right |=3, then \left | y^2-\frac{4y}{3} \right |=?
Firstly we will find out the value of the y.
\left | 9y-6 \right |=3
\left | y^2-\frac{4y}{3} \right |
At y=1
\left | y^2-\frac{4y}{3} \right |=-1
At y=\frac{1}{3}
\left | y^2-\frac{4y}{3} \right |=\frac{-11}{27}=-0.4

i.e. the value of the function lie between -0.4 and -0.1, it is \frac{-1}{3} (Ans)

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