GATE (GA) Textile 2016 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2016/GA/09

Question 09 (General Aptitude)

Shaquille O’ Neal is a 60% career free throw shooter, meaning that he successfully makes 60 free throws out of 100 attempts on average. What is the probability that he will successfully make exactly 6 free throws in 10 attempts?

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By poisson distribution-
Probability ,P=\frac{e^-\lambda \times (\lambda^r)}{r!}
Where, \lambda=np
\lambda=10\times 0.6
By putting these values in the formula, we get-
Probability ,P=\frac {e^-6 \times (6^6)}{6!}
Probability ,P=\frac{403.42 \times (46656)}{6\times 5\times 4\times 3\times 2\times 1}
Probability ,P=\frac{403.42 \times (46656)}{720}
P=0.2508 (Ans)

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