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Question 23 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

Polyester is dyed with a disperse dye at 100o C and 120oC till equilibrium is achieved. If D[f] and D[s] represent the dye in fibre and dye in solution respectively, then the correct choice for the dyeing isotherms at the two temperature will be

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What is called isotherm?

In textile dyeing, an isotherm is a graph that shows the relationship between the concentration of a dye solution and the amount of dye that is adsorbed onto the textile fibers at a constant temperature. The term “isotherm” comes from the fact that the temperature is held constant during the dyeing process.
Isotherms are used to study the adsorption behavior of dyes onto textile fibers and to determine the amount of dye that is required to achieve a certain level of coloration. By analyzing the shape and characteristics of the isotherm curve, textile scientists can gain insights into the nature of the dye-fiber interaction and develop more effective dyeing processes.
There are several types of isotherms that can be used in textile dyeing, including Langmuir, Freundlich, and BET isotherms. Each of these isotherms describes a different type of adsorption behavior and can be used to model the dyeing process under different conditions.

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