GATE (TF) Textile 2017 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2017/TF/04

Question 04 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The characteristics observation in burning test of cotton fibre is

(A)Burns readily with whitish ash as the residue
(B)Burns with dripping
(C)Burns with burning hair smell
(D)Melts and forms a hard bead
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Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

How do you test for cotton fabric?

There are several methods to test if a fabric is made of cotton, here are a few of them:

Burn Test: This test involves burning a small sample of the fabric and observing the flame and ash produced. Cotton fabric burns with a steady flame and produces soft, feathery ash. If the fabric melts or produces a hard, bead-like residue, it is not made of cotton.

Bleach Test: This test involves applying a small amount of bleach to a hidden or inconspicuous area of the fabric. Cotton fabric will not be affected by the bleach and will remain unchanged, whereas synthetic fibers will start to dissolve or change color.

Water Absorption Test: This test involves placing a small amount of water on the fabric and observing how it is absorbed. Cotton fabric absorbs water quickly and feels wet to the touch, whereas synthetic fabrics repel water and feel dry.

Hand Feel Test: This test involves feeling the texture and hand feel of the fabric. Cotton fabric is soft, breathable, and comfortable, whereas synthetic fabrics can feel stiff, scratchy, or uncomfortable.

Chemical Test: This test involves using chemical reagents to test for the presence of cellulose, the main component of cotton fiber. One such test involves using a mixture of sulfuric acid and zinc chloride, which will dissolve cotton but not synthetic fibers.

It is important to note that these tests are not always 100% accurate, and may not be applicable to all types of fabrics. If you are unsure about the composition of a fabric, it is best to consult a professional or use a laboratory test for a more accurate result.

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