GATE (TF) Textile 2017 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2017/TF/35

Question 35 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

To obtain high molecular weight nylon-66, if 11.6g of hexamethylene diamene (molecular weight 116 g/mol) is used, then the required amount of adipic acid (molecuar weight 146 g/mol), in gram, accurate to one decimal place, is ___14.5 to 14.7____.

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Given in the question

Amount of hexamethylene diamene=11.6 gm

Molecular weight of hexamethylene diamene=116 g/mol

Molecular weight of adipic acid=146 g/mol

The required amount of adipic acid(gram)=?

Now by the chemical reaction of Nylon66 to obtain high molecular weight nylon66 ,formula:

Molecular weight of hexamethylene diamene/Amount of hexamethylene diamene=Molecular weight of adipic acid/Amount of adipic acid

116/11.6=146/Amount of adipic acid

Amount of Adipic acid=146 x 11.6/116

Amount of Adipic acid=1693.6/116

Amount of Adipic acid=14.6 gm (Answer)

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