GATE (GA) Textile 2018 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2018/GA/06

Question 06 (General Aptitude)

An automobile travels from city A to city B and returns to city A by the same route. The
speed of the vehicle during the onward and return journeys were constant at 60 km/h and
90 km/h, respectively. What is the average speed in km/h for the entire journey?

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The speed of vehicle during onward journey=60 km/h
The speed of vehicle during return journey=90 km/h
The distance travel by the vehicle in both cases=x

The time taken in onwards directions,t_1=\frac{x}{60}

The time taken in return directions,t_2=\frac{x}{90}

The avg speed,v=\frac{2x}{t}
The avg speed,v=\frac{2x}{\frac{x}{60}+\frac{x}{90}}
The avg speed,v=\frac{2x}{\frac{5x}{180}}
The avg speed(v)=72 km/h (Ans)

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