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Question 55 (Textile Technology & Fibre Science)

A crease resist (CR) agent is applied by padding on a fabric of 1 m width and 200 g/m2 areal density. The concentration of CR agent in the pad bath is 100 gpl and the fabric speed is 50 m/min. The expression is 110% and the specific gravity of the pad liquor is 1.1. In order to maintain the bath concentration, the rate (in kg/min) at which the CR agent needs to be added to the bath, accurate to one decimal place, is __0.9 to 1.1__.

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Width of the fabric=1 meter

Areal density of the fabric=200 g/m2

The concentration of bath=100 g/l

Fabric speed=50 m/min

The wet expression=110%

Specific gravity of pad liquor=1.1

Bath concentration rate(kg/min)=?


Weight of the fabric=Areal density of fabric x speed of fabric x width of fabric

Weight of the fabric=200 x 50 x 1

Weight of the fabric=10000 gm/min

Weight of the fabric=10 kg/min

Concentration of bath=100 g/l

Concentration of bath=100 x 110% (Wet expression%=110)

Concentration of bath=100 x 110/100

Concentration of bath=110 g/l

By unitary rule:

1 liter have=110 gram agent

and 1 kg is equal to 1 liter

Then, 10 kg fabric weight will be equal to 10 litres

So, 1 liter have=110 gm crease resistance agent
=110/1000 kg crease resistance agent
Then, 10 liter have=0.110 x 10

=1.1 kg/min

Hence, Rate(kg/min)=1.1 (Answer)

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