GATE (TF) Textile 2020 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2020/TF/18

Question 18 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

A twin-delivery drawframe, running at a delivery speed of 800 m/min with an efficiency of 95%, is producing 5.9 ktex sliver. The rate of production of the drawframe in kg/h (rounded off to 2 decimal places) is __537.00 to 539.00__.

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Given in the question:

No. of of delivery in draw frame=2
Delivery speed=800 m/min
Delivered sliver hank or fineness=5.9 ktex
=5.9 gram/meter


Production of draw frame(kg/hr) =No.of delivery in d/f x delivery speed(m/min) x 60 x fineness of sliver(g/m) x efficiency/1000 x 100

Production=2 x 800 x 60 x 5.9 x 95/100000

Production=538.08 (Answer)

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