GATE (TF) Textile 2020 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2020/TF/49

Question 49 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

The wale constant and course constant are 4.2 and 5.04 respectively. If the loop length is 4.2 mm, then stitch density (number/cm2) is __120__.

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Given in the question-

Wale constant(Kw)=4.2

Course constant(Kc)=5.04

Loop length(l)=4.2 mm

Stitch density(S)=?


Stitch density(S)=cpcm x wpcm

cpcm=Kc/l ,
cpcm=1.20 per mm
cpcm=12.0 per cm

cpcm=Course per cm
l=loop length
Kc=course constant



wpcm=1 per mm

wpcm=10 per cm

wpcm=wales per cm
l=loop length
Kw=wales constant

Stitch density(S)=cpcm x wpcm
S=12 x 10

Stitch density(S)=120 (Answer)

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