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Question 54 (Textile Engineering & Fibre Science)

Given that one gram mole of a gas occupies 22.4L of volume at STP, the atomic weighs of H=1, and that of O=16, the concentration (g/L) of hydrogen peroxide solution of 25 volume strength (rounded off to 2 decimal places) is __75.00 to 77.00__.

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Data given in the question
Volume of 1gm oxygen(O2) gas at STP=22.4 L

Atomic weight of hydrogen(H)=1

Atomic weight of oxygen(O2)=16

Volume of 1 mole hydrogen peroxide solution(H2O2)=25 L

Concentration of hydrogen peroxide(H2O2)=?


As per the Chemical equation –


2 x 34 gm\underset{}{\rightarrow}2H2O+22.4 L

{Molecular weight of H2O2 =2*atomic wt of hydrogen+2*atomic wt of oxygen

=34 gm}

68 gm\underset{}{\rightarrow}2H2O+22.4 L

i.e. 22.4 L,O2 obtain from =68 gm H2O2

1 L ,O2 obtain from =68/22.4

Then, 25 L,O2 obtain from=68*25/22.4

i.e. Concentration of hydrogen peroxide(H2O2)=75.89 g/L (Answer)

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