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Question 07 (Quantitative Aptitude)
ItemsCost (Rs)Profit (%)Market Price (Rs)

Details of prices of two items P and Q are presented in the above table. The ration of cost of item P to cost of item Q is 3:4. Discount is calculated as the difference between the marked price and the selling price. The profit percentage is calculated as the ratio of the difference between selling price and cost, to the cost

    \[\left ( Profit \ \%  = \frac{Selling \ price - cost}{cost}\ X \ 100 \right )\]

. The discount on item Q, as a percentage of its marked price, is ________ .

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Answer / Solution

Given, cost P=5400rs

\frac{cost P}{cost Q}=\frac{3}{4}

cost Q=\frac{4}{3}\times cost P

cost Q=\frac{4}{3}\times 5400

cost Q=7200 rs


profit_q=\frac{(S.P._q-cost_q)}{cost_q}\times 100

25=\frac{(S.P._q-7200)}{7200}\times 100



Discount_q=(10000-9000) ,Discount=1000rs

%={1000 \times 100}{10000}

%=10 (Ans)

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