GATE (TF) Textile 2021 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2021/TF/18

Question 18 (Textile Technology & Fibre Science)

Number of fibres, each of 40 mm length and 0.16 tex fineness, in a tuft of 24 mg mass is _3745 to 3755_.

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Formula :
Number of fibres=Weight of tuft /Weight of fibres
=24 mg/Weight of fibres
Given, fibre length=40mm , fineness of fibre=0.16 tex
Tex is defined as the mass in gram of 1000 meter length, Tex=weight in gm/1000 meter length
Given , tex=0.16 i.e. mass of 1000 meter length is= 0.16 gram
So, Mass of 1 meter length is= 0.16/1000
Then,mass of 40mm(40*10-3 meter) is=0.16*40*10-3/1000 gram
Now, mass or weight of fibres=6.4*10-6 gm(gram) =6.4*10-3 mg(mili gram)
From above,
Number of fibres=Weight of tuft /Weight of fibres
=24 mg/6.4*10-3 mg
=3750 (Answer)

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