GATE (TF) Textile 2021 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2021/TF/24

Question 24 (Textile Technology & Fibre Science)

The wet expression for a padding mangle is set at 80 %. If the add-on of a flame retardant chemical required on the fabric is 2 % then the concentration (g/L) of the chemical in the pad bath is __25__.

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Given-Wet expression of padding mangle is 80% and add on is 2%
Add on %=(Oven dry weight of flame retardant chemical/weight of dry fabric)*100 and
Concentration%=(Oven dry weight of flame retardant chemical/weight of flame retardant chemical paste(liquor))*100
Wet pick-up or wet expression=(Add-on%/Concentration%)*100
Wet pick-up%=(weight of chemical paste/weight of dry fabric)*100
Let us assume the weight of the fabric is(dry fabric)=100 kg(kilo gram)

By applying formula:
Add on %=(Oven dry weight of flame retardant chemical/weight of dry fabric)*100
2=(dry weight of chemical/100)*100
Oven dry weight of flame retardant chemical=2kg
=2000 gm

Wet pick-up%=weight of chemical paste/weight of dry fabric*100
80=weight of chemical paste/100*100
Weight of chemical paste(liquor)=80kg
concentration = \frac{Oven \: dry \: weight \: of \: flame \: retardant \: chemical}{weight \: of \: chemical \: paste\: (liquor)} X 100
Concentration(gram/litre)=2000/80 (fraction)
Concentration(g/l)=25 (Answer)

Frequently Asked Questions | FAQs

What is padding mangle ?

Padding mangle is a machine used in textile manufacturing to add padding (i.e., softness, absorbency, or other desirable characteristics) to fabrics. The machine works by compressing the fabric between two rollers and applying a liquid solution to the fabric. The liquid solution can be a variety of chemicals, such as starch, sizing agents, softeners, or dye fixatives, depending on the desired properties of the final fabric.
The padding mangle typically consists of a large frame with two or more rollers, with one roller immersed in a liquid solution and the other roller pressing against the fabric. The fabric is fed through the rollers, which squeeze the liquid into the fabric, saturating it with the desired chemical or substance. The fabric is then dried and cured, often in a separate machine, to set the chemical properties and characteristics.
The padding mangle is commonly used in textile manufacturing for a variety of purposes, including enhancing the hand (i.e., feel) of the fabric, improving the absorption properties of towels and other similar products, and applying finishes to fabrics to improve their durability and appearance

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