GATE (TF) Textile 2021 Question Paper Solution | GATE/2021/TF/35

Question 35 (Textile Technology & Fibre Science)
Q. 35Group I gives a list of terms related to woven fabrics and Group II contains
equivalent terms related to knitted fabrics. Match the term from Group I
with the equivalent term from Group II.
Group I Group II
P. Cover 1. Interlock
Q. Double-cloth 2. Wales
R. Warp 3. Tightness
S. Weft 4. Courses
(A)P-3, Q-1, R-4, S-2
(B)P-3, Q-1, R-2, S-4
(C)P-1, Q-3, R-2, S-4
(D)P-1, Q-3, R-4, S-2
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